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This startup may have built the world’s fastest networking switch chip

20160614 barefoot networks tofino switch
Barefoot Networks announced the programmable Tofino networking switch platform on June 14, 2016.

Credit: Barefoot Networks

Barefoot Networks is also making its switch platform completely programmable

Networking has undergone radical changes in the past few years, and two startup launches this week show the revolution isn’t over yet.

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5 quick ways to recover storage space on an overstuffed iPhone or iPad

Find a few gigs of breathing room by taming bloated apps, culling podcasts, trimming attachments, and more.

5 quick ways to recover storage space on an overstuffed iPhone or iPad
Credit: Ben Patterson

Sure, 16GB of storage sounded like plenty when you first bought your iPhone, but you probably regretted your decision to go with Apple’s cheapest option when those pesky “low storage” warnings started popping up.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 will be generally available June 1

Microsoft plans to make all four editions of SQL Server 2016 generally available to all customers on June 1, 2016.

Microsoft will make SQL Server 2016 generally available on June 1, 2016, company officials announced today.

That June 1 date is when the product will be available to all users, including brand new ones, MSDN subscribers, and existing customers, officials said. All four versions of SQL Server 2016 will be available on that date.

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Fortinet Unveils New Security Fabric, High-Performance Firewalls

Fortinet Unveils New Security Fabric and Firewalls Designed to Tackle Challenges of Encrypted Network Traffic 

Network security firm Fortinet made two new product announcements this week, including its new Fortinet Security Fabric architecture and a powerful new firewall designed to tackle the increasing demands from encrypted network traffic.

The company’s new Security Fabric is an architecture designed to integrate different silos of network security into a cohesive whole, while the new firewall is tailor-made to cope with the growing throughput and demands from remote workers, VPNs and SSL traffic.

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How to recover files from a dead external drive

Even if you didn’t back it up, you might still have a chance.

0129 primary

Nannette Abia Rivera’s external hard drive stopped working, and she needs to recover files stored on it.

When you store files on an external drive, it’s easy to forget my first rule of tech storage: Never have only one copy of anything. We tend to think of external drives—especially external hard drives—as a backup medium, so of course anything on the drive must be a backup.

But if files exist only on that external drive, they are not backed up. And you need to make sure they get backed up to something other than that particular drive—whether it’s an internal drive, the cloud, NAS, or another external drive.

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Microsoft is making big data really small using DNA

DNA fingerprintA gram of DNA could store close to a trillion gigabytes of data

Microsoft has partnered with a San Francisco-based company to encode information on synthetic DNA to test its potential as a new medium for data storage. 

Twist Bioscience will provide Microsoft with 10 million DNA strands for the purpose of encoding digital data. Microsoft will use the DNA strands to try to figure out how the same molecules that make up the human genetic code can be used to encode digital information. 

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An army of chatbots will take over Facebook. Here’s why.

032715 facebook f8 zuckerberg

Credit: Facebook

They are here to help.

At 7 a.m. this morning, a robot told me the weather.

It wasn’t audible, although my phone chimed. It was The Weather Channel bot on the messaging app Kik. A message popped up, and then I asked for the forecast. I asked about the weather in Cupertino, and the robot balked. (You can only ask about local weather conditions.) So much for The Terminator taking over.

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The tremendous ambitions behind New York City’s free WiFi

April 8

(EHB_1777 / Flickr)

At this very moment in New York City, you can walk up to one of 65 futuristic kiosks, punch in an email address on your phone and instantly receive a wireless Internet connection that follows you around town. It’s free — and it’s fast. Each kiosk, which is really an old payphone that’s been converted into an Internet terminal, is connected to gigabit fiber optics. It’s like having Verizon FiOS on every street corner, pumping out WiFi.

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Best practices for safely moving data in and out of the cloud

As everyone knows, cloud provider Nirvanix recently fell apart, declaring bankruptcy and leaving its customers in the lurch.   Nirvanix gave enterprises less than a month to move their data to a new home. To avoid the fate of those customers, follow   these best practices for safely moving data in and out of the cloud.

Due diligence: financials first

The Cloud Security Alliance’s February 2013 report, “The Notorious Nine: Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2013” has identified   a lack of due diligence as a continuing threat to cloud computing. When enterprises do look into cloud providers, their view   of things is a bit lopsided. “Cloud consumers place too much emphasis on information assurance and privacy, or focus on cost   reduction and savings at the expense of investigating the financial health of candidate providers,” says John Howie, COO,   the Cloud Security Alliance.


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