Syrian hackers take over Thomson Reuters’ Twitter

HACKERS claiming to be the Syrian Electronic Army have taken control of a Thomson Reuters Twitter account and claimed mixed success in an assault on the US White House.

The hackers known as the SEA have made a name for themselves by carrying out sophisticated phishing attacks on media companies.

So far they have claimed a few scalps including the Guardian, the Associated Press and the BBC.

In this latest instance they apparently took over the @thomsonreuters Twitter feed. It was apparently out of the owners hands during the night, during which a number of cartoons were posted.

Those messages, which have been preserved by Buzzfeed, have since been removed.

The SEA announced the attack on its own Twitter feed when it linked to a report at the Ehacker News.

The Twitter feed also announced a successful assault on White House email accounts.

In a couple of tweeted messages the group claimed to have obtained and shared logins to White House systems. It admitted that the assault was not particularly successful and gathered only old @whitehouse emails. “You were lucky this time,” it said.

According to a report on the Nextgov website the hackers were able to get access to systems through an email that was designed to look like a BBC or CNN news story and took users to a fake Gmail or Twitter login page.

The attack serves as a reminder to not click on suspicious or untrusted links.

Retrieved from The Inquirer